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Lincoln Archives will Securely Protect and Store Your Data and Documents

Lincoln Archives will safely and securely store your data. Many options are available regardless of size of your company. We've been serving WNY's storage needs for over 125 years.

Serving WNY's Storage Needs for over 125 Years!

We make what is complicated, very easy and effortless.

When you need to access your files and documents FAST!!

With both our Customer Service and Online Portal, you can order specific documents to be delivered directly to your location.

Certified Document Shredding...
On-Site and Off-Site Services.

Our dedicated Document Shredding Facilities can handle the largest tasks... We can also shred documents at your location in our Mobile Shredding Vehicles.

Cyber Security Services

We take the 'magical-mystical' out of Cyber Security.

Our team de-mystifies Cyber Security so you can know your network is protected securely and without all the techo-speak. Avoid ransomware exploits and other online threats.

Data Storage

In our Temperature and Humidity Controlled Facility.

Tape Backup and other Data Storage has specific climate needs to ensure data will be available if and when you may need it. Our drives can assist in pickup/delivery of Tape Backups or other Data Needs.

Information Management & Data Protection Services

Document Storage & Scanning

Store your documents in our secure facility...

Data Storage Services

Data Backup & Long Term Data Storage & Recovery...

Cyber Security Services

Protecting you, your employees & their families...

Document Shredding

Onsite & Off-Site Paper Shredding services...

Data Destruction

Hard Drives & Backup Tape Shredding Services...

Network Security

Penetration Testing & Reporting...

Our Massive Storage Facility
on Great Arrow Ave.

Four Floors of SOLID weather,climate and temperature controlled storage in the old Pierce Arrow automobile manufacturing facility can handle all your document storage needs. We also have secured, undisclosed locations for high sensitive data and storage needs.

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Document and Data Storage does not sound exciting... But it can be so rewarding when you can effortlessly obtain the documents and/or data that you need with a simple phone call or through our online portal.

24 Hour Emergency Service.
No phone service on-hold wait times...
Knowledgeable Staff
Secure Data Storage
Temperature and Humidity Controlled.
Fair Pricing
125 Years of solid service to WNY
Local Family owned and operated.

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Bonde Naruto

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